About HRA - Humane Research Australia

Humane Research Australia Inc. is a not for profit organisation that challenges the use of animal experiments and promotes more humane and scientifically-valid non animal methods of research.

Our Vision

HRA's vision is one;

  • where millions of animals no longer suffer pain, deprivation, bodily alteration and untimely death in the name of science;
  • where scientific establishments are lined with significant achievement awards instead of cages;
  • where inappropriate animal models are replaced with progressive technologies; and
  • where every patient receiving lifesaving medications can be confident knowing that their treatments have been safely and thoroughly tested through methodologies that are directly relevant to humans.

In the shorter term, there are several measures which we consider to be integral to the realisation of this end goal.

Numbers of animals

  • A commitment by the Australian government and all research institutes to reduce the excessive number of animals currently used for research in Australia.
  • The cessation of terminal surgery labs in veterinary training.


  • A commitment by the Australian government to invest higher resources into the development and validation of alternative methodologies.
  • The adoption of a conscientious objection policy in all Australian universities.

Governance and Accountability

  • Greater transparency and accountability of all research by institutes using animals by making publicly available all annual reports and summaries of external reviews.
  • Establishment of an independent body which would enable the oversight, consistency and regulation of all aspects of animal research
  • Establishment of a national database of all animal use to avoid repetition.

Community Awareness

  • An informed community that can identify humane non-animal alternative goods and services and, as a result of becoming informed, can adopt these alternatives.

Ethics Committees

  • The requirement of all Category C and D representatives (animal welfare and lay person respectively) on animal ethics committees to be suitably qualified to challenge each protocol on a scientific basis.
  • The ability for animal ethical committees to conduct unannounced visits to animal facilities.
  • All applications to animal ethics committees to provide evidence that alternatives have been sought.

Mission Statement and Principles

Humane Research Australia works professionally and ethically to develop community-wide awareness of animal experimentation; pursues all reasonable channels to eliminate such experimentation and champions the benefits of realistic, scientifically effective alternatives to all forms of animal usage in research and teaching.

The Association will hold and maintain the following as core principles:

  • Extrapolation of research data obtained from animal experimentation to humans is ineffective, inconclusive and often unnecessarily dangerous. 
  • There are more scientifically reliable and effective ways to conduct research other than with the use of animals.        
  • Animal-based research and teaching represents unnecessarily cruel and unethical treatments of other sentient beings with little or no redeeming value for human or other species’ advancement.

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