About HRA - Humane Research Australia

Humane Research Australia Inc. is a not for profit organisation that challenges the use of animal experiments and promotes more humane and scientifically-valid non animal methods of research.

Our Vision

A future where no animals suffer in the name of science, and medical progress is advanced through the use of scientifically valid non-animal methodologies.

Our Values

Compassion - for all animals harmed in wasteful research and for the patients and practitioners relying on genuine medical progress
Respect - for the scientific process while treating people with different views with courtesy and civility
Integrity - in providing factual information about the use of animals in research in general and the dangers of relying on animal-based research and the waste of lives and resources in particular
Courage - to speak out in the face of opposition
Commitment - to be knowledgeable and informed and to our goals of advocating for scientifically valid non-animal methods of research
Transparency - in all of our undertakings to promote positive solutions that advance humane research.

Mission Statement and Principles

Humane Research Australia works professionally and ethically to develop community-wide awareness of animal experimentation; pursues all reasonable channels to eliminate such experimentation and champions the benefits of realistic, scientifically effective alternatives to all forms of animal usage in research and teaching.

The Association will hold and maintain the following as core principles:

  • Extrapolation of research data obtained from animal experimentation to humans is ineffective, inconclusive and often unnecessarily dangerous. 
  • There are more scientifically reliable and effective ways to conduct research other than with the use of animals.        
  • Animal-based research and teaching represents unnecessarily cruel and unethical treatments of other sentient beings with little or no redeeming value for human or other species’ advancement.

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