Message From Our Patron

Professor J.M Coetzee, Patron of Humane Research Australia Inc.

"I start from the principle that if I intend to perform some act upon another being, an unpleasant act to which the other being has not signified full, informed, and willing consent, an act which is not intended for the ultimate benefit of this being, and if I intend furthermore to perform the act in private, away from the public gaze, then the intended act is prima facie, on the face of it, an atrocity, to be resisted and denounced; furthermore, that this principle should hold whether the other being in question, my intended victim, is a man or a mouse."

-JM Coetzee

Professor John Coetzee won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003. He is also the first author to win the prestigious Booker Prize twice. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and being of both Boer and English descent, Professor Coetzee's novels cover a wide variety of issues with no two books following the same pattern. A fundamental theme, however, involves the abuse of power including the values and conduct resulting from the apartheid system in South Africa. He is a strong opponent of animal exploitation and has spoken out against it on many occasions.

Humane Research Australian Inc. is honored to have Professor Coetzee as our Patron.

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