Statistics of Animal Use in Research and Teaching in Australia

Humane Research Australia (HRA) works to ensure that animal experiments are continually under scrutiny in Australia. Part of our work in this area involves working each year to collate national statistics on animals used in research and teaching in Australia.

Statistics Archive

The Problem With Statistics

Australia maintains no national collection or collation of animal use statistics, unlike many other countries. Even at state/territory level, there are lengthy delays in reporting, extremely inconsistent collection and reporting methods between jurisdictions and institutions, and some states and territories don't even collect statistics at all.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining statistics, and discrepancies in data provided, it is difficult to create a comprehensive picture of the national use of animals in research and teaching. Hence, HRA’s figures usually represent very conservative numbers of total animal use.

Read more about the inadequacy of the current statistics reporting system here, and send an email to the Federal Minister for Agriculture urging the Minister to implement a framework for the national collection and collation of statistics of animals used in research and teaching by clicking below:

The Faces Behind the Statistics

Although often hidden behind figures, missing due to discrepancies, or lost within inconsistent reporting requirements, Humane Research Australia's latest bulletin provides a rare opportunity to meet some of the 'faces behind the statistics' - individuals who were surrendered by or rescued from laboratories. Read about their stories here and download our 'Faces Behind the Statistics' bulletin below.

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